Monday, March 7, 2011

Great waiting

So, I got to see Hunter this weekend was a bit of a surprise. My roommate happened to be going to Pensacola so I was able to spend the weekend with Hunter (though of course not overnight) It was nice to see him but of course time goes way to fast. We were able to spend some time at the beach (it was cold!), hang at the hotel, go see a movie and hang out at the mall. It was just nice to physically be with him and it just proves to me how great we are as a couple when we are together. When I am with him I definitely feel complete and as soon as he leaves I definitely feel that part of me is missing.  We were also overshadowed a bit by the fact that he most likely will not spend 6 months in Washington like we expected, but will instead most likely spend that time aboard the USS Enterprise with his squadron which at the moment is on standby for Libya and Bahrain, definitely terrifying. I have heard the communication is not great on these ship and that email is the best thing. Phone calls are expensive and no skype unless they are at a good port. This first deployment will definitely be a big test for us. Hunter gets to come home for leave in about a week and a half and we get 9 days together. I am so excited for this time, though of course I will still be busy with school when he is here. I am also just trying hard to not think of the fact that this is the last time I will see him for a very long time, but of course that thought never leaves my mind. I am trying very hard to just take things by the moment and not worry about the future but I think that is just about impossible. Hoping to just try and get some of my stress under control. I guess I never thought at 19 i would be dealing with the stresses that I am dealing with. I mean I am so grateful to have Hunter in my life and to be in this relationship but it definitely brings a lot of new stresses I never expected to have. For now, it is my spring break and I am staying in Tally. I am working and just going to try and study a lot before Hunter gets here so I don't have to study as much then. I'm sure I will write something later this week, hopefully when Hunter gets some more info, definitely a waiting game with the military.

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