Tuesday, February 22, 2011

update....frustrated as hell

sooo...sorry it's been a while, i've been pretty busy. School and work are definitely keeping me busy. This past week or so Hunter and I have been able to talk just about everyday for a bit which has been nice. Plus, he didn't had duty this weekend so we got long phone calls. Things between us have been going well, but of course the military is just being a pain in the ass and decided to screw things up today. He was supposed to class up today and start his classes, that would have him starting his leave on March 10th. That is towards the end of my spring break and the timing was great. I had someone willing to drive to go pick him up and everything. Then they decided this morning that he isn't going to class up until Friday (idk why, probably cause they don't have space yet). That means he gets leave on March 16th for a week. That is the worst possible week! I have no idea how I am going to get him here. I have no car, neither does he, we can't rent cars, and the cheapest plane ticket we could find was 300$. Seriously, 300$ to fly 200 miles, you have to be kidding me, we just don't have the money for that. We are looking at the greyhound but i don't think it leaves till the next day and takes about 6 hrs...we will lose almost another whole day of leave just to that. When you only get a week to see someone for at least the next 6 months, that extra day lost is precious. I am just so frustrated right now, that was not a good text to wake up to this morning (finding out this info). I understand that the military changes things all the time, and that we are going to miss a lot of holidays and just life events, I get that I do. I also understand this is out of his control, but it does not make it any less frustrating. I just hate this, and the restrictions cause of our age. If I had a car things would be fine, but I can't afford one. I hate money, I really do. It is so limiting when you don't have it. Right now I am just working my ass off to pay the bills, there is nothing extra. Grrr...I really am just frustrated right now, and this is why when he questions me as to why I don't want him doing a career, this is why. Cause this will only get tougher when the deployments start. plus, how the hell are we supposed to plan a wedding when they could change the date that he comes home from a deployment. that is all for now, just really frustrated, this rant could easily continue. Hopefully we actually get to talk tonight, and try to figure out what the hell to do now.

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